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As a lifelong member of the centre-left endlessly frustrated by the refusal of the leftier portion of my side of politics to listen to the electorate, I’m usually very receptive to ‘preach less, listen more’ arguments (this is why my political terachy is Paul Keating/Tony Blair/Bill Clinton, they all would compromise with the electorate while still leading) but I’ve got zero interest in ‘listening more’ to Hindu Nationalist Modi-Stans or the CCP

When you say ‘listen more’ who are you saying we should listen too? The political elites who’ve hijacked these nations or the people on the street and their desire for freedom and (if you think freedom is too vague a word) their desire to have a say in the politics that governs their lives

I’ve no interest in ‘listening too’ or ‘compromising with’ the political elites of these nations, I’m all for listening to the actual ppl of these countries and working out ways to strengthen their rights in these countries and let them get the lifestyles we in the west take for granted

For someone who’s formative political experience as an adult was basically hating the neo-cons I can’t believe I’m in a place where I’m saying this but I now genuinely believe it, it’s time for the west to stop apologising for democracy and to start being proud of it, there’s a reason boat’s arrive on the coasts of France, Italy and even the Northern Territory (Australia) and not in Saudi Arabia or off the coast of Shanghai, despite those cities looking more inviting (certainly more inviting that outback Australia) it’s because our way is just better and we should start being proud of that fact

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